doc. Mgr. Martin Hájek, Ph.D.

doc. Mgr. Martin Hájek, Ph.D.


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Bachelor thesis seminar - Diploma seminar - Basics of Sociological Research - Qualitative Methodology - Research Colloquium - Text, Narrative & Discourse Analysis - The key questions of sociological theory - Research Methods in Social Sciences - Thesis Project Defence - Seminar in Qualitative Methodology

The use of text, discourse and narrative analysis in sociological research.
How to increase reproducibility of qualitative coding by the text analysis tools?
Real socialism as a model of late modern society?
The cacophony of public discourse - why can't there be a factual debate on certain issues?
YouTube tutorials as a growing reservoir of folk knowledge and its subversion potential.
Collective memory as interactive competence.
Pecuniary regimes - social governance through money.
Other topics are possible but have to be discussed.

Sociology of failure: coupling social infrastructures and personal experiences, Czech Science Foundation (2022 – 2024), principal investigator.
Computer assisted enhancement of the reproducibility of qualitative data analysis in the social sciences. Czech Technological Agency (2021-2023), principal investigator.
Poverty as Media Spectacle: Shaming the Low-Income People on Reality Television and Internet. Czech Science Foundation (2017 – 2019), investigator.
Frugality and Economy in Times of Crisis: Economic behaviour in family and public discourses in present Czech society. Czech Science Foundation (2015 – 2017), principal investigator.
The Centre for Collective Memory Research, Charles University (2012 – 2017), senior researcher, team leader.
Institutions in life stories. A comparative multilevel analysis of life stories of three groups of actors in the Czech socialist society (1948-1989), Czech Science Foundation (2010 – 2012), principal investigator.

Sociology of social norms, moral orders, and normality.
Sociology of economic communication (incl. money), social discourses of economic behaviour.
Text and discourse analyses and their methodologies; qualitative & quantitative narrative analysis; computer assisted text analysis (CATA), data visualisation.

Social norms; discourses of economic behaviour; text and discourse analyses; qualitative & quantitative narrative analysis; computer assisted text analysis (CATA, CAQDAS); state socialism.