Thursday seminars/5.5. 16.00

Thursday seminars/5.5. 16.00


Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to a lecture from the spring cycle of
Thursday's sociological seminars. On Thursday, May 5 at 16.00, Mattia
Collini will have a lecture regarding SIRIUS Seminar: CSOs integrating
migrants in the labour market, lessons from the Italian case

The seminar will take place in English in person in the meeting room 207
Jilská 1, Praha 1,  there is no need to register in advance.

More information regarding the lecture are enclosed in the email and can
be also found on the website of the Sociological Institute
and on our Facebook.

We are looking forward to seeing you,

Petra Šalamounová, Míša Kudrnáčová a Jan Klusáček