• Thursday seminars/2.6. 16.00

    Teisenhoffer/Re-enchanting the present through history. Ritual uses of the “pre-Christian” past in contemporary pagan revival in Hungary

  • Thursday seminars/26.5. 16.00

    Landecker/The Industrialization of Metabolism: Histories and Consequences

  • Thursday seminars/26.5. 14.00

    Zhmurko/Internal migration in Ukraine caused by the war in 2022 and its consequences on social and migration processes in Ukraine and abroad

  • Thursday seminars/28.4. 16.00

    Maksym Kolomoiets/Lay Economic Knowledge: An Empirical Study

  • Doctoral studies PUBLIC AND SOCIAL POLICY

    Doctoral studies in Public and Social Policy at FSV UK prepare students for scientific and pedagogical work in basic and applied research, universities, and other areas of activity that require a high degree of theoretical and methodological education in public and social policy. Applications can be submitted until 30 April 2022.

  • Thursday seminars/7.4. 16.00

    Tudzarovska/The EU economic governance and the crises of representative democracies