SYLFF 2024 Call announced

SYLFF 2024 Call announced

SYLFF 2024 Call announced

The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research (TKFD) SYLFF scholarship program call for 2024 has been announced. The offer is intended for students of doctoral programs in the social sciences or humanities and provides financial support for a period of up to two years for the preparation of a dissertation and other research activities.

Applications are submitted by students at the address no later than April 24, 2024.

Please send the application as 1 file in English in pdf format with a label in the following format (eg: Novák_FSV_2024).

Two candidates will be selected from the applications received and will be nominated for the second round of the selection procedure at the rectorate of the Charles University. The evaluation of applicants by the rector's committee is independent of the evaluation by the faculty. The selection committee reserves the right to pre-select and invite only selected candidates to an oral interview. Two candidates will emerge from the UK selection process, who will be nominated by the Japanese Foundation for Charles University. The decision on the selection of applicants will be known by 7/15/2023.

The SYLFF scholarship is now also open to foreign students enrolled in a regular study program at the UK. In addition to the SYLFF scholarship, students can now draw on other financial support if two conditions are met:

  1. ensuring the transparency of funding
  2. avoidance of double funding.

More information are available at the rectorate webpage.