Sociology of Contemporary Societies

Sociology of Contemporary Societies

The MA Programme in Sociology of Contemporary Societies is a two-year English-language Master’s programme designed for students interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of the state of the present-day field of sociology and social anthropology, including their theory and research methods. It features a strong core of sociology and social anthropological courses in three specializations, from which the student chooses one. The programme is taught by members of the Institute of Sociological Studies (ISS FSV UK).

The specializations:

1. Civil Society and Politics

2. Anthropology of Space and Mobility

3. Identities, Health, and Bodies.

Graduates from the SCS programme will possess certain scholarly advantages including current knowledge of the major social issues, as well as a comprehensive view of contemporary sociological theory. With understanding of both quantitative and qualitative sociological research methods, graduates can competently conduct sociological research and cooperate effectively on both analytic and problem-solving tasks, allowing them to work as a researcher, an expert, an analyst or a project manager in either the public sector, non-profit organisations, or in private companies. Our graduates are also well prepared to continue further their academic career.