SCS Final State Examination

SCS Final State Examination

  • On the specialisation, students have a written exam. The student will randomly draw two of eight questions to be written.
  • Questions are suggested by compulsory course guarantors. Two questions represent each compulsory course. The course guarantor will evaluate the answers to which the questions are related.
  • The result of the question evaluation will be sent to the student before the oral examination. The student is informed again at the oral examination and can further discuss the written exam.
  • Before the written examination, the student will also randomly draw one question from theory and one from methodology, compulsory for all specialisations, to be answered in the verbal part of the state examination.
  • The written examination has no time limit, but the expected time for the written answers should not exceed 80 minutes. The time limit for the verbal section of the exam is 15 minutes. The oral examination is usually followed by the defence of the thesis.



  • Defence of Diploma thesis

At least one year before the submission of the master's thesis, the student prepares a thesis project, which, after approval by the programme director, enters together with the supervisor into the SIS database.

The thesis is submitted via SIS within the deadlines specified in the Academic Calendar (“Harmonogram”) of the respective academic year.

At least one week before the defence, the student receives the statements of the thesis supervisor and the opponent appointed by the programme director.

The defence shall take place before a committee consisting of the chairman and at least two other academicians, as follows:

1) Presentation of the thesis by the student (10 - 15 minutes - a PowerPoint presentation is recommended).

2) Presentation of reviews and the student's response to them (10 minutes)

3) Discussion (10 minutes)

4) Committee close discussion and the presentation of the result of the defence to the student (10 minutes).

Detailed information about the scope and structure of the thesis is available on the faculty's website.