State Final Examination

State Final Examination (SFE)


I will check if I have fulfilled all my study obligations - I will compare them with a study plan in Karolinka according to the academic year of my enrolment for study. I must have all obligatory, obligatory-elective and elective courses recorded and completed and acquire no less than 180 credits in my bachelor’s degree study, or 120 credits in the follow-up master's study. I know that the Student Services Office does not carry out any check on the study.


  1. I will check that the title of my submitted thesis matches the title in SIS. The title of the final thesis must be given in the language of the thesis (e.g. Slovak), as well as in Czech and English. If the title of the thesis does not match the one in SIS, I will contact the Secretariat of the department, not the Student Services Office!
  2. I will supply my guarantor with a *** transcript of my study obligations, which I generate in SIS according to the following instructions: SIS > Exam Results browsing > icon of Print Transcript of Obligations or State Final Examination> Print> Print Transcript. I will bring the transcript confirmed by the guarantor to my Student Services officer.


Step 1 – Registration for SFE in SIS

Through the module of State Final Examination, I enrol for courses, i.e. parts of SFE with the defence of the final thesis. Detailed instructions can be found on the FSV website in the section Guidelines for SIS UK - Registration for the State Final Examination via SIS.

I know that:

  • it is necessary to enrol for all the state examination courses at the same time and take the exams on a single day (e.g. I cannot take exams within SFE in June and defend my final thesis in September)
  • if my field of study offers several state examination courses/areas, I will write down only the courses I have chosen (i.e. I do not write down all the courses offered in SIS, but only the ones I have chosen)
  • if I did not succeed in any course in the previous term of SFE, I must again duly register via SIS - I only retake the exam that I miss in order to graduate from my study.


Step 2 - Submission of the final thesis in SIS

I will submit my final thesis in SIS in electronic form in PDF/A format, also within the deadline set in the Academic Calendar. I know it’s not enough just to upload files to my thesis, but I also have to submit the thesis by clicking on Submit.

Abstract in both Czech and English is obligatory only for students of the follow-up studies. Students of the follow-up studies in English are required to submit an abstract in English only.

Instructions for submitting the thesis in PDF/A format can be found on the FSV UK website in the section Guidelines for SIS UK – Guidelines for submitting theses in PDF/A format.

If I had a problem with PDF/A format for my thesis or its supplements (problems do occur, mainly among Apple MacBook users), I will send the thesis to the following e-mail - , no later than 24 hours before the scheduled submission date. I will receive my thesis converted to PDF/A, which I will check and make sure that no damage was made during conversion to the content or formatting of my thesis. I will submit my work via SIS. Everything must be submitted within the deadline set in the Academic Calendar.


If my final thesis or its supplement is of a non-standard format, I will file a request in SIS for non-standard format.

If the nature of my final thesis requires an extension of the time limit for publication, I will ask my advisor to submit such a request (electronically via SIS).

After submitting the thesis through SIS, I will bring the printed version of my final thesis in two copies to the Secretariat of the department.


Step 3 - Update of your personal data

I will check my personal data in SIS (icon of Settings/Information at the top right). When needed, I update the data. In case of any doubt, I will contact the Student Services Office.

I have interrupted my course of study

How to proceed if I have interrupted my studies and want to register for SFE?

  1. To be able to apply for SFE, I have to be an active student again! That's why I will file a request on time to terminate the interruption of my studies.
  2. I will fill out Request for Termination of Interruption of Studies, which I can download from the FSV website (point 1 - general request). I know that the Student Services Office has 30 days to process the request and the interruption will be terminated only when the decision becomes final, which could be at least in further 30 days (unless I waive the right of appeal). Only then I will be able to register for SFE.
  3. I will deliver the request in person or by registered mail to the mail room in Hollar (ground floor right next to the reception).


Termination of the interruption must be resolved well in advance (30 + 30 days) before the deadline set for the registration for SFE.