• Thursday ONLINE seminars/3.6. 16.00

    Juliya Moskvina/Strategic and Prefigurative Politics Merged: A Pragmatic Approach to Social Movements

  • EFRI Summer School - University of Rijeka

    Are you interested in the International Environment and European integration? Register for the EFRI Summer School held from July 5th to 16th. You can participate online and onsite. The deadline for application is June 15, 2021.

  • In-person examination update

    Given the current epidemiologic situation, it is now possible to organize examinations in an in-person/offline/standard form. The in-person/offline/standard examination is only an option not an obligation and it is possible only in the legitimate and justified cases. The students may fulfil all the requirements (thus also the examination) in the hybrid/online form.

  • ISS involved in VAX-Trust research

    Vaccination is a relevant issue nowadays. Since March, a team at ISS FSV UK has been working on it as part of the international research project VAX-Trust. The project, which was funded under Horizon 2020 (EU's research and innovation framework program), focuses on analyzing hesitant attitudes to vaccination.

  • Online ISS Seminar - 26th May

    We cordially invite you to the online ISS Seminar. Jiří Kabele and Simon Smith will present "The British ‘stay at home’ coronavirus campaign communicated by pending accounts".

  • Thursday ONLINE seminars/13.5. 14.00

    Matt Qvortrup/Democracy on Demand