Conference Esarn16 - Regular sessions

Regular sessions

Session title Convenors      
Session 1. The role of emotions in sociological research on health and medicine Catarina Delaunay Ana Patrícia Hilário    
Session 2. Primary care in transition: experiences of COVID-19 in European countries Stefano Neri Elena Spina Giovanna Vicarelli  
Session 3. Eating disorders and eating behaviors in the Context of COVID-19: Sociological perspectives Hilde Berit Moen Trude Gjernes    
Session 4. Health care systems after the COVID-19 pandemic: sociological perspectives in the public debate Giovanna Vicarelli Guido Giarelli    
Session 5. Doing health research with children in a pandemic time: new methodological approaches and methods Stefania Fucci Francesca Zaltron    
Session 6. Risk perception, coping strategies and institutional responses to the COVID-19 health crisis in the older population Cristina Calvi Domenico Carbone    
Session 7. The impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the social construction of health and illness for and by persons with disabilities: call for a sociological reflexivity towards a public sociology Maria Świątkiewicz-Mośny Angela Genova    
Session 8. End of life and palliative care in the post-pandemic era: old problems and new perspectives Guido Giarelli Barbara Sena    
Session 9. Syndemic effect and climate change on vulnerable people and territories Alessandra Sannella Lia Lombardi    
Session 10. New roles of online health communities: between lay expertise and fulfilling institutional gaps Alberto Ardissone Iwona Leonowicz-Bukała Monika Struck-Peregończyk Alessia Bertolazzi
Session 11. From narratives to textual analysis in social sciences Guido Giarelli Francesca Greco    
Session 12. Artistic inspiring approaches in health and illness research: Insights on the use of arts-informed methods Ana Patricia Hilario Veronica Moretti Alice Scavarda  
Session 13. Migrant health workers in the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic Francesca Sirna      
Session 14. Vaccine hesitancy in Europe Jaroslava Hasmanová Marhánková Luigi Gariglio Alice Scavarda  
Session 15. Participatory and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Renew Investigation Practices and Overcome Post-Pandemic Methodological Challenges Concetta Russo Alessandra Decataldo    
Session 16. Open Session (submissions on any topic relevant to ESA RN 16 are welcome)