Public and Social Policy

Public and social policy

The Public and Social Policy (PSP) doctoral study programme prepares students for basic and applied research and teaching in the academia as well as other types of activities requiring a high level of theoretical and methodological education in PSP. On completion of the Ph.D. program, students are evaluated on their research participation, publication activities, passing obligatory or advisor-recommended courses (above all, the Doctoral Seminar, Introduction into Philosophy, and Methodology of Science), teaching activities, and other work for the field and the Department of Public and Social Policy, ISS.


PSP alumni are prepared to teach public and social policy at all levels as well as pursue qualified research work. Relevant jobs are available, above all, at colleges in the Czech Republic and abroad (some PSP alumni work at foreign colleges already). Further options include qualified policy analysis and policy design in diverse fields (family, education, etc.) as analysts or advisors; work in politics, public administration, or civil sectors.

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Study Department Officer: Mgr. Denisa Šmejkalová

Public and Social Policy study program: Ing. Mgr. Olga Angelovská, Ph.D.