Assessing the study of religious change in Central-Eastern Europe

Project title

Assessing the study of religious change in Central-Eastern Europe 


Zuzana Bártová

Agata Ładykowska, the coordinator

István Povedák

Viola Teisenhoffer

Alessandro Testa


International Visegrad Fund

Project descripton

The project aims at strengthening cooperation between scholars of religion of the V4, to provide more visibility for topical research in this area of studies and to foster social dialogue on religious change in the region. Social scientific research networks are weak and are mostly initiated by funding sources located beyond the region. By empowering local institutions, enriching scholarly knowledge and its dissemination to non-academic publics, the project aims at reversing the hierarchies of knowledge transmission and contributing to the better understanding religious processes in the V4.

Project partners

Planned events

  1. Kick-off meeting (April 2022, online)
  2. Workshop, Bratislava (October 2022, hybrid)
  3. Conference, Prague (February 2023)

Kick-off meeting (April 2022, online)

A one-day online research meeting bringing the partners together. It is conceived as a research meeting on the topic of religious change in the V4 countries and Central-Eastern Europe. The Polish partners will oversee the organization of the online event.

Workshop, Bratislava (October 2022, hybrid)

A hybrid two-day workshop in Bratislava with the involvement of students and a student-run NGO (Slovenská asociácia sociálnej antropólogie, ASA), enabling an encounter between senior and junior researchers. By doing so we will offer the young generation of future scholars a possibility to present fresh data from their research. At the same time students will gain an access to the expert knowledge, establish their own connections that may secure their future interest in their field of study and institutional as well as individual networks.

Conference, Prague (February 2023)

This two-day conference will gather the project partners as well as invited scholars, including two keynote speakers, whose work on religion in CEE is essential for the field. The event will take place at Charles University.