Offered Themes of Study (PhD.)

Offered Themes of Study (PhD.)

Jan Balon, Ph. D.

  • Theoretical research programmes in sociology
  • Conceptual and terminological analysis in contemporary sociology
  • Classical, modern and contemporary approaches in philosophy of social science, general metodology, sociology of science and sociology of knowledge
  • Transformations of social sciences
  • Theoretical legacy of American sociology
  • Prominent sociological schools, departments, figures, and ideas in history of European and American sociology

Ondřej Císař, Ph. D.

  • The Great Recession and Popular Responses to It
  • Political Economy of Protest 
  • Interactions of Party and Protest Politics in Democratic Regimes 
  • Internationalization of Political Mobilization 
  • Popular Responses to the European Migrant Crisis
  • Political Populism/The End of Liberalism in East-Central Europe

Jakub Grygar, Ph. D.

  • State borders in changing world: anthropological perspective
  • Recognition, difference and the Other in everyday multiculturalism
  • Material objects in social interactions
  • Politics and practice of social housing

Martin Hájek, Ph. D.

  • Text, discourse, and narrative analyses and their use in the social sciences – qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • Sociology of state socialism
  • Sources of every-day knowledge about in/justice, morals, and social norms.
  • Sociology of collective memory

prof. Hynek Jeřábek, Ph. D.

  • Classical inspiration of contemporary social research methodology
  • Mixed design in analytical methodology
  • Columbia sociological school and contemporary inspirations of its methodology

Dino Numerato, Ph. D.

  • Sociology of sport
  • Sociology of health and illness
  • Sociology of professions

Jiří Remr, Ph. D.

  • Evaluation Specific Methodologies
  • Innovations of Research Methods
  • Methods and Techniques for Impact Assessment
  • Advances in Performance Evaluation. Approaches, Techniques and Applications
  • Effectiveness of Activation Programs for Senior Citizens
  • Evaluating Social Responsibility

Barbora Spalová, Ph. D.

  • Anthropology of christianity: regimes of power, religious speech and silence, morality of economy, consecrated life, memory, church and parish as exceptional organisations
  • German past in central Europe
  • Memory and lived space
  • Theatre and cultures of memory